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23/02 2024 03/03 2024
Echos of Praga

“The Echoes of Praga” showcases the results of an international project aimed at discovering the potential of the northern part of Praga. A new pedestrian and cyclist bridge will connect this part of the city to the capital’s historic centre this year. There is a risk of gentrification, so its transformation must be carefully planned and co-designed with the residents.

The initiator of the project was the Capital City of Warsaw. Through a series of lectures, workshops, and field research, students from the Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) and the School of Form in Warsaw (Poland) explored this city fragment. They identified unique and unparalleled features of the neighbourhood on the scale of Warsaw and translated them into design challenges.

The showcased works vary in terms of their complexity and multidisciplinarity. Among the presented projects, you can find strictly social proposals, utilitarian design, and even landscape or architectural interventions on various scales.

In their works, project participants used fragments of existing historical buildings as creative material, drawing inspiration from seemingly forgotten small architectural objects characteristic of Praga North and local neighbourhood activities in Praga’s courtyards. They also observed newly built structures and public spaces.

The authors of the works confront their observations with the perceptions and expectations that the residents and tourists have regarding Praga North. On the one hand, they expect a modern and functional district, and on the other hand, they seek and want to preserve a certain authenticity of the old part of Warsaw.

The students’ works are divided into four thematic blocks:

  • Social Activation
  • Additional Functional and Spatial Programs
  • Landscape Interventions
  • Spatial Objects


Alaa Omar, Anastasiia Vashchenko, Elizabet Dolinina, Adriana Hauke , Amila Kadrić, Josep Xavier Alarcón Martínez, Vít Kučerovský, Ayse Nazlıcan Sucu, Martin Svadbík, Kevin Wrobel, Marko Milinčić, Nazarii Lubiakov, Sára Holíková, Zuzanna Hofman, Aleksandra Niewiadomska, Gabriela Kiczor-Bentkowska, Zofia Zdanowicz, Zuzanna Tomaszewska, Alicja Durka, Łukasz Osik, Piotr Pędzich, Klaudia Adamek, Adrianna Olenderek, Justyna Parjaszewska, Ina Ignatowicz, Antonina Wolska, Wit Bojar, Pola Kołodziej, Sviatoslav Koverznev, Kamila Dobrydnio, Ula Wilczyńska, Nicole Kudełka, Joanna Mateja

Organized by:

Capital City of Warsaw

Co-organized by:

Brno University

School of Form

Fundacja Muzyczna Bocian Records